La del higgs

No habia aƱadido al histograma de beta decays la linea que corresponderia a la masa del Higgs, ahora que ya lo conocemos. Como veis, esta bastante cerca del pico principal, pero seria dificil encontrar un mecanismo que acoplara estas dos masas al nucleo pero ignorara, como parece que ignora, la del Z0.


Data from in NUDAT database in 2005.



  1. Mitchell, it is difficult to explain this. If it were real, it could be also related to the tunneling or whatever process needed to produce fission.

    Look in the second plot I put in, the combination of W, Z and Higgs seem to justify the peaks of fission yields, so perhaps when one of the droplets has the mass of an elementary boson it is easier to break the bag.

  2. OK, the analogy with t->bW+ doesn’t make sense, it’s not like the nucleus loses 80 GeV of mass-energy.

    The only other thing I can think of, are special interactions like sphalerons or Wess-Zumino terms. If there were such a thing as an “on-shell anomaly-mediated beta decay”…

  3. My theory of the beta decays around the W boson mass would be that the nucleus is emitting an on-shell W boson. If the nucleus were treated as a point mass, then this would resemble the on-shell decay of top quark to bottom quark. To show nuclear structure, perhaps a skyrmion model.

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